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Thank you for your interest in career opportunities. Make a difference in the community!
At OakEdu, we enjoy several unique advantages:
- rich ongoing intellectual life
- reward to be the source of student progress and achievement
- friendly work atmosphere
- flexible schedule (from 1 to 30 hours per week)

Position Description:

- Requires teaching skills, solid working knowledge of child development, positive behaviour management techniques and stability - reliability.
- Must enjoy working with children who may give trouble. Prefer Masters Degree in Human Development Childhood Education or Childhood Special Education.
- Experience in Grade K-12.
- Assess the individual needs of students through formal and informal observation and evaluation of cognitive, social, self-help, emotional, speech/ language skills.
- Prepare improvisation by developing the curriculum and teaching strategy of the day throughout the activities.
- Operate the program of activities that contributes to the care, growth and development of the students.
- Provide input and facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to implement individual student plans.
- Report student learning issues that require more resources in order to be resolved.
- Maintain records that show individual student attendance and main new skills.
- Maintain the physical facility for safety and cleanliness.

Position begins March 2008.

Submit letter of interest, resume and three references if you have some

Specialized fields in demand:

Life Science
Earth Science

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