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Curriculum, academic:
The core academic education aims at the mastery of literacy and numeracy skills. Human knowledge is subdivided in scientific truth, social reality and art. OakEdu curriculum is compliant with the current Curriculum Guide from the Ministry of Education and Training for Ontario (Grade 1-12), and goes further with intentional, logical, sequential and coherent curriculum (Subject per Grade).


Natural Science: General, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Natural Chemistry, Meteorology, Geology, Physical Geography
Life Science: General, Classification, Botany, Zoology, Health, Biochemistry


Ideas: Anthropology, Archaeology, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Political science, Socio-Geography, History, Mythology, Economy, Management, Law
Language: General, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Greek Ancient, Ancient..., Morse code, Sign language


Music, Literature, Painting, Architecture, Sculpture, Cinema, Origami, Fortune Telling, Cooking, Knots...


Studying, Test taking, Reading, Writing, Office, Computer courses, Internet
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