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When a parent has the feeling her/his child is doing pretty good at school, never any difficulty or trouble in tests... it is maybe time to think ahead. Boredom and idle time could quickly take bad shape. When the student gets bored at school because there is not much challenge to tackle, the brain slowly loses interest in learning. By opposition to remedial, enrichment means proactively deepening and enlarging the knowledge of the student. This extra step means a huge difference over normal students, it is a competitive advantage in the job market and personal life.
OakEdu's activities provide instruction and support ahead of time, beyond the limits of local school programs or in areas not covered by those programs. Mastering complex concepts, discovering all what is not known is a thrilling intellectual adventure. The aim, here, is a long term development, way over the superficial short term grade improvement.

This is where OakEdu is excelling. Because knowledge has no limit (except morally and ethically), this is just a matter of intellectual stimulation. It results in genius and encyclopedic students.

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