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Holiday camp:

Be it in summer or winter, OakEdu organizes educational camps all along the year. This is very flexible, small and on a case-by-case basis. Activities are outdoor, like hands-on astronomy, sport, nature, airport, farm, opera, gardening, taste education or whereever there is a knowledge-rich environment, including Toronto Zoo, Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Science Centre, Royal Botanical Garden...

However, the main thema is usually based on a single educational board game or a videogame. Suggestions of other topics are welcome.
In 2007, the summer camp was based on Civilization IV video game.In 2006, the summer camp was short and there was a winter camp. In 2005, it was France. In 2004, it was "Age de la Renaissance". In 2003, it was "Barbe Noire". In 2002, it was "Tarot". In the previous years it was based on "Dungeons and Dragons".

There can't be any bullying nor abuse because of the constant monitoring and the small size of the group. Each parent is specifically given the 24/24 hour phone number of the location. Label each and every item with the student's name. Write down clearly any important health information, like blood type, health card number, doctor phone number, chance of asthma, diabetes, allergies (peanut, medication, food, latex). Also the home address, phone, email of mother / father / guardian. Sleeping bag, medicine, personal items and clothes are needed.
The minimum duration is one week and can go up to three months. The age is between 6 to 25 years. The maximum number of students is three, like all OakEdu's programs. It allows up to 18 hours of work per day and is very intensive.

A lot of serious fun.

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