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Depending on the service you need, the schedule can either be:

within a day:
within a week:
(a).. 8 hours: 9am to 5pm
    (c).. 5 days: Monday to Friday
(b).. 2 hours: 6pm to 8pm
    (d).. 1 day:  Saturday ...............
or any combination of the a.b.c.d. time chunks

There is a minimum duration of 80 hours. However, to guarantee results, 4000 hours over a few years are ideal. This corresponds to a full-time tutor. The maximum efficiency of the curriculum is reached when the duration is 8000 hours over 5 years. The full spectrum of literature, science, social and technical knowledge can be studied deep enough. The sessions are spread over the week, ideally following this typical timetable and those internal rules. We also organize holiday camps.

Clarify the feasibility of your educational goals at OakEdu by e-mail.
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