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The clients who provided the testimonials cannot be contacted. We follow a strict policy of confidentiality and the clients we handle have their own reasons for keeping it that way. While the experiences of other clients may be of interest, your confidence in our service will ultimately be based on the quality of the curriculum we provide for your child. The only references you can check are the ones from the tutors her/himself (criminal record, degrees...). The testimonials come from students, parents and teachers (since 1998):



i wanted to let you know that your influence on my studies is fabulous and it is the kind of learning centre i needed. i'm starting my masters in the humanities in very good confidence now.




Right from the first minute I stepped into the Sixth Line Oakedu Centre, it was obvious that the teacher has a remarkable way with children intellect. His both doctoral and friendly manner makes parents instantly feel comfortable while it is his childish comments and game oriented attitude that appeals to the children.

( Oakville )


Our provider is phenomenal. He has opened his home and heart with no hesitation. The way his bilingual family interact with each other is so thoughtful and kind. The provider handles each situation with thoughtful words and genuine care. Our son kicks his feet with excitement every morning before the provider opens the door. I know he is in the best place I could give him other than my own care.

( Oakville )


As you are aware of, we are now leaving Toronto for Calgary . Nadia has immensely enjoyed coming to the centre all those years. She has made some special friends and met some great authors. She asks a lot of questions, talks about books there, even some I never heard of. It shows me that she has a special place in her heart for each of you and you have enriched her in some ways. Thanks again for being a great influence on her.

( North York )

Thank you very much. Your instruction was very helpful along those years and I will be sharing it with my fellow classmates in the university. ! yes i got it! iagree with you even more now.
I thank you very much for your time.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all your help and support for our daughter. A special thank you will be directed to Doc, a patient, caring and supportive tutor who is driven to children intellectual development in a wonderful way!

(Oakpark - Oakville )


Thank you so much for the excellent after school program you have provided.

( Mississauga )

( Sheridan - Oakville )

Thanks for being my son's early influences in his life; your commitment and quality education is evident to me in every way!

( Toronto )



je voulais juste vous faire savoir que votre service éducatif est fabuleux et que toutes les écoles devraient s'en inspirer. je commence ma terminale scientifique et j'ai bien profité de vos cours



My husband and I would like to express our thanks to the French tutors at your school. They are wonderful and it is obvious that they take a genuine interest in the kids. It's a comfort to both of us to know that our daughter truly enjoys spending her day at your school and is learning a great deal, being exposed to so many new things. Her French improved so much.

( Mississauga )


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for providing and delivering a good structural level of education, discipline, care and broadening the mind. A strong foundation for the children to grow up on.

(Bronte - Oakville )

I have felt blessed to have had the children in such an extraordinary centre for the last 6 years. The heartfelt care and education provided has been second to none. Although I have watched the centre evolve and refine, I have consistently felt that the children's needs were considered above all and for this I am truly grateful.

( Milton )

It is with great pleasure that I write you this note to applaud the tutors in your centre. The teachers have been so helpful and accommodating to us during our transition to Canada . I have been particularly grateful for the adaptation you have made to our special needs, creativity, energy and caring shown by the teachers.

( Oakville )


Every year when our child returns from camp, we see a definite improvement in her questioning, maturity and attitude. She is learning life changing skills and attitude that will stay with her the rest of her life. She never wants to leave camp. That says it all! The camp has been great on all accounts. It gives the kids structure and a sense of purpose. I believe that a even combination of discipline and fun is perfect for the summer.

( Markham )

The tutor has always done an excellent job in the three and a half years that we have been attending the day care centre. This is exemplary work and cannot be found anywhere in the regular school. The caring and understanding shown to the children makes it easier for me to go to work. Thank you Oakedu!

( Dorval - Oakville )
The children are always treated fairly and honestly. Our son enjoys the program so much that many times he does not want to come home early, he wants to stay and play with his friends. We feel very comfortable with our son in the care of the people at the Oakedu centre.

( Oakville )

liked your professional attitude all the time we spent together. You presented potentially confusing information in a clear and understandable manner. This is my first year teaching World Studies to 7th graders so I am doing a LOT of brush-up and research. Could you send me some resources about world history? Thank you...

I will be back to get even more easily digested information.

Milton ON


Dear Richard

I am writing to inform you that, i needed some useful training about adult literacy and i found your teaching very good...

Thanks alot for your cooapration

P.s i'll be looking forward to hear from you.

Your failthfuly



To oakedu
We really really really like your philosophy. We think it is a brill way for
to do academic stuff with.


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