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The "what" consists in activities within the session. The sessions are organized depending on the global student goal: any combination of four main objectives: remedial, tutoring, enrichment or entry exams. Each activity, or unit study, has an objective, a content and a process.


The student knowledge gradually increases up to the genius and encyclopedia stage.

Content - encyclopedia

The flesh of OakEdu's program is the normal school academic curriculum. This knowledge is Declarative (attributes, rules, definitions), Procedural (sequence of operations, processes), Factual and Content-specific.  It is very diversified, rich, in a balance of social science, humanities, languages, life science, natural science, mathematics and the arts.

Process - genius

The dynamics of OakEdu's program is based on NLP techniques, best learning practice and optionally French immersion. Good work habits, self-esteem, accomplishment feeling, successful own initiatives, teamwork, cooperative problem solving are catalysts in the development of intellectual skills.
In today's information age, thinking skills are crucial for educated persons to cope with a rapidly changing world. Many educators believe that specific knowledge will not be as important to tomorrow's workers and citizens as the ability to learn and make sense of new information (Gough1991).

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