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Why OakEdu?

Facing the worrying future of the society when the quality of education doesn't matter much, Dr. R. Nolasque decided to create OakEdu, to provide children with real academic knowledge and intellectual abilities.

OakEdu complements the limits of the school system in providing those extra skills that make the difference: better academic achievement, self-confidence, creativity, self-sufficiency and resistance to peers influence. In today's world, it is increasingly necessary to acquire skills, sometimes on a daily basis, to make good decisions and keep the job. Well-prepared students will meet successfully challenging situations with confidence and success.

Parents sometimes wonder. Is my current childcare facility adequately educating my child or is it just keeping watch on the children? Are they learning quality material everyday, under the care of a qualified motivated teacher? Do I have the unpleasant feeling that much more could be done for the education of my child? With my busy life, how can I guarantee, ten years from now, to have my child well polished in all academic fields, like an encyclopaedia? What if my child had been exposed to the whole English and French literature, for years? What if she/he was deeply trained in Math, Natural Science, Life Science, Geography, History, Arts, etc. with three years in advance compared to peers? Beside academics, how can I give the best for my child to be a good thinker, smart, clever?

OakEdu gives parents the much needed reassurrance and peace of mind concerning the education of their children. However demanding is the parent career, OakEdu's tutor is always following up and taking charge.

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