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To become a member, see assessment. For other questions, refer to the frequently asked questions. Practically the pedagogy is unfolded this way: each day begins with the follow-up and home work completion from the previous days. Then there is the main lesson, a few hours focused on a particular subject. Without interruption, the student is fully immersed in the subject. When the subject lesson is finished, there is a recess period, then the next lesson is introduced. There are more than 1000 units of lessons, scheduled over 8000 hours, based on a wide variety of tools:

  Home work, written and behavioural Posters, globes, atlas, maps
  Card, paper, video and board games, toys IQ, logic & recruitment tests
  Books, puzzles, flash cards Oral games, rhymes to sing, music
  Dictation in English, French, German, Latin Movies, Cartoons
  Comics, Newspapers Microscope, binoculars, science lab equipment
  Computer Office Word-Excel-Access Internet websites
  Webcam autorecording or tutoring on-line 4 computers always ON in Local Area Network
  (New educational material welcome)
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