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Pedagogy, didactics:

To teach well, the tutor not only needs to have the degrees and knowledge, but she/he also needs to use a good pedagogy. Scientific research studies have shown that the student's success is depending more on the level of commitment, sincere desire to help, care and listening skill of the tutor, what is called "pedagogy". The ability to translate, transform knowledge into digestible chunks, combined with the ability to make it attractive and interesting are the main success factors in teaching. The learning student makes discoveries, imagines new ideas, pushes limits, broadens her/his mind and generally extends the scope and depth of individual core. Furthermore, a good pedagogy will develop self-esteem, self-confidence and self-help in the student. All are prerequisites for acquiring fundamental skills, higher capacities and all knowledge related abilities.
The pedagogy is based on patience and flexibility. Students don't like to be picked up on every little thing. If they don't like a rule, they can renegotiate it with the tutor. The tutor always explains, interprets, discusses, talks things over, instead of being severe, arbitrary or tough.

The session mixes subjects of immediate interest to the student with other topics less appealing, in order to cover the full spectrum of the curriculum. There are twenty minutes recess periods to breathe fresh outside air to invigorate the body, to relax with music or just plain silence.

OakEdu's techniques are put into action within the highly customized sessions, following a model of Learning process, Feedback and Group skill. The unit studies structure of Bloom's taxonomy is followed: academic knowledge, understanding, analysis-synthesis, evaluation, practical application. While teaching the academic skill, the tutor also teaches the appropriate thinking skills (infusion method).

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