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School limits:

Education, historically, has evolved along the centuries. But today, formal education doesn't guarantee professional success (Einstein) or socialization, because there are limits, shortcomings and drawbacks in the traditional school system.

OakEdu doesn't pretend to replace the school system in Ontario. This is just a complement, another point of view, another approach. We believe that a real Education is something less industrial, less neutral, less sterile, less dry, less short-term. Education is something more customized and personalized, with more dedication and commitment, focused on the long term development of the personality. No more "procedure", "organizational constraints", "structure burden", "politics", "counter-productive theories", "technical gibberish", "politically correct" wasting energy; just plain Education.
OakEdu provides real targeted feedback, gradual reachable challenges, no more inhibiting shyness nor destructive competition between children.

Limits of the current school system don't apply to OakEdu. Most of the problems students encounter at school won't occur at OakEdu, because the structure is really different. Because we use a modern pedagogy, OakEdu is a very real answer.

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