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Mission, philosophy, values:

At OakEdu, the student grows like an oak tree, with strong roots and extended branches. OakEdu focuses on "general" knowledge and "genius" skills. The background context behind, is to make people more knowledgeable and educated in order to build a better civilized society. To contribute to the excellence of education in Ontario. A well educated citizen is in a state of intellectual, psychological, behavioural and emotional well-being, that is happy and socially well integrated. More specifically, this is about personal development, thinking skills, communication and literacy, mathematical concepts, science, understanding of the world and art.

OakEdu's values have been guided by the life of the founder, Dr. Nolasque:
Family: Act above all for students and their families
Fun: Bond children through games and all sorts of intellectual fun activities
Positive: Promote good and constructive attitude
Deep: Transform in depth the students and ensure sustainability of the evolution
Human: Empower humanity in the students and search for knowledge
Action: Live an active life full of meaningful actions
Systemic: Consider the learner as a whole system
Innovative: Invent effective teaching ways for a better pedagogy
Educational: Educate children for a better tomorrow
Knowledge: Know the levels of knowledge (Meta-cognition)

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